Printed Circuit Board Layout Services

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Printed Circuit Board Layout Services

P.D.C. offers a full range of PCB layout services. We have established standards for acceptance and delivery which result in a rapid design cycle. We are very flexible, easy to work with, and cheerfully work within the customer's parameters and requirements. If you have a PCB design project and you would like a quote please click on the PCB Layout Quote Request form.

P.D.C.  has over 20 years experience in Electronic Design and Printed Circuit Layout. We can use our extensive design capability to be your company's PCB design center or we can handle your engineering overflow in time of need. We have the know-how to efficiently manage PCB layout, using our qualified designers and the most up-to-date PCB design software. We can consistently save you thousands of dollars on your layout. We allow you to get your product to market as quickly as possible.

PCB layout from schematic capture to preliminary parts placement through the final routing, you will be provided with check plots to keep you apprised of the progress.


We manage our PCB design services with the goal of meeting or beating deadlines. We can coordinate your board's manufacture with board houses so that the design and manufacture of your board is seamless. Here are some features we can offer:

Standard Board Technology
bulletSchematic capture & Electrical Design
bulletIntegrated documentation packages
bulletThrough-hole to double-sided multi-layer surface mount

Advanced Design Methods
bulletChip on board
bulletHybrids: through hole & surface mount - analog, RF & digital
bulletHigh speed
bulletMulti-layer with blind vias and Ball Grid Array parts
bulletBGAs, uBGAs, flip-chip, CSP (chip scale packaging)
bulletMultiple split power-planes

P.D.C. offers a full range of printed circuit board layout services
for your new boards as well as changes to existing boards.

Printed Circuit Layout

The connections on the PCB should be identical to the circuit diagram, but while the circuit diagram is arranged to be readable, the PCB layout is arranged to be functional, so there is rarely any visible correlation between the circuit and the layout.

The CAD PCB layout consists of several layers, for illustration purposes the holes, outline and component identification layers are usually combined into one diagram.

Using the latest OrCAD Layout program for creating the PCB to specification of your choice, then creating your Gerber files in either RS-274D or Extended formats. If you don't have an OrCAD Schematic file, your board may also be layed-out with Netlists from almost any Schematic Drawing Software.

When your schematic is finally completed and approved you need a printed circuit board fast and it must be accurate. If your Engineering is too busy, P.D.C. should be the first place you call. We can layout your new design and enable you to produce a prototype in the most efficient manner.

PCB Design is a task that requires the integration of a range of technical disciplines. Electronics knowledge and a clear understanding of EMC and signal integrity issues, coupled with a technical understanding of mechanical design, fabrication and assembly technology is required to ensure that the end product is functionally correct and manufacturable within commercial cost constraints. We have the experience and breadth of knowledge to achieve an optimum solution.

Printed Circuit Board Routing

PCB layout can be performed manually (using CAD) or in combination with an Autorouter. 

We have the most top-of-the-line auto-routers in the industry and they are used at least partially in most designs. An auto router saves a tremendous amount of time routing traces on the board. The autorouters are impressive tools but it is important to note that they are just that - tools; and it is the judicial and masterful layout engineer that uses an auto-router (or recommends not to use it) that gives you, the customer, the value of the tool.

Often a portion of the board routing is performed by hand since areas such as high speed analog and power supplies do not lend themselves to use of auto routers.  Despite great leaps in the capabilities of routing tools, frequently there is no substitute for the application of an experienced layout engineer's "hands on" approach to routing in critical areas.

PCB Design Systems

Investment in world leading tools from Cadence-OrCAD provides us with a highly capable design environment with support for all current fabrication technologies.

PCB Technology

Our capabilities extend from single sided technology to multi-layer designs in excess of 14 layers. We can accommodate leaded and fine pitch surface mount components  in a variety of assembly configurations. To support the more complex designs we routinely provide track and spacing of 6 mills, with 4 mills for high-density applications.

Schematic / Netlist Input

Netlists generated from a variety of schematic sources, for example OrCAD, may be input directly. As an alternative entry method we can generate OrCAD schematics from your circuit designs. This also allows us to provide a complete Bills of Materials, back-annotation, and other reports.

Schematic Capture

Using the latest OrCAD Schematic Capture program to transform those ideas into a usable database. Using a vast and ever expanding library of parts with imbedded part information including manufactures, part numbers, possible purchasing information and footprint. Used for making a reliable netlist and ease of use for ECO changes.  It is recommended to have your schematic in the OrCAD format if planning to use back-annotation for your board design, creating a complete database with automatic error checking and annotation of changes.

Library and Parts Maintenance

Careful and well structured library and parts management is vital if the integrity of the design database is to be maintained. We can offer a full custom library creation and maintenance service or access to P.D.C.'s own extensive libraries.

Documentation Package

A truly comprehensive set of documentation is provided with every design we produce. This includes; PCB manufacturing files, assembly data, bill of materials, solder paste stencil files, SMD placement files and test point files as required.

Documentation is provided in multiple electronic formats on CD along with a plotted graphics for archiving and reference purposes. Graphical versions of the files are also provided for easy reference without the need for specialist viewer software.

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